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Arizona School of Fired Arts



            3434 W. EARLL DR. PHOENIX, AZ 85017
               PHONE (602) 272-6585   FAX (602) 272-1507

                 426 W. ALTURAS TUCSON, AZ 85705
PHONE (520) 624-2872   FAX (520) 624-3127


Where our goal is to bring you the best new products and the education to make
you successful with them!

Our hours to 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday
and Saturdays from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.


We will be closed:

September 2nd - 4th - Labor Day
November 23rd - 26th Thanksgiving
December 23rd - 25th Christmas
December 30th - January 1st - New Years

We accept Visa & Mastercard. Local delivery available and
we ship via UPS and motor freight daily.

Please call your orders in 48 hours ahead of time and we'll have them here
and ready for you.

On Saturdays we operate with a "skeleton crew".
If you need a little more attention than usual, we suggest you schedule your
visit between Monday and Friday.
If you need private consultation, please call for information on appointment times
and costs.

Duncan Essentials
This course teaches you all about each of the Duncan products. As a result,
you'll use the products with confidence. The education you derive will also
give you the knowledge you need to teach this fabulous art to others!

We regularly schedule painting and technique classes. There are classes to
learn to: Fire Your Kiln, Fire Raku, Throw on the Potters Wheel, Hand Build,
Make Musical instruments from clay & more!
We have two beautiful, comfortable classrooms where you can learn from the best
teachers! Check the calendar for the current class dates!

Arizona School of Fired Arts
We invite you to come to Marjon's FIRED ART STUDIO! We have some very talented people
teaching Wheel Throwing and Hand Building. There are some beautiful examples of the
instructors' work on display. We invite you to come by and check it out.
The sessions begin approximately every 10 weeks.
You'll be attending one class per week for 10 weeks with your instructor.
Enjoy some quality time with your friends at Arizona School of Fired Arts!
Enrolled students are encouraged to come in and practice during open studio hours at no additional
charge! Learn with us, call today and enroll! SIGN UP EARLY TO GUARANTEE YOUR PLACE IN CLASS!
Descriptions of classes, schedule and pricing of the above classes can be seen at Potter's News.

If you are affiliated with the International Association of Duncan Certified
Ceramic Teachers (IADCCT), you may have some credit available to you
to apply toward classes. Check with our Local chapters for programs using
Chapter funds to benefit their members' educations!
Membership has it's privileges! If you are a member, check with your chapter(s)
for all of the details regarding the above programs. If you aren't a member, now's
a great time to join!
You can learn more about the association by clicking here www.iadcct.com.

We use this method of communication for almost all of our announcements
and we need your response to make this happen. More and more information is being
shared via the internet and we'd like to make sure that you receive it too. Provide
us with your email address and we'll do just that!
You can email us by clicking here marjonpx@marjonceramics.com
or contact the Tucson store by clicking here marjontn@marjonceramics.com
You can also fill out our interest form here to recieve our newsletter.

MARJON CERAMICS will meet or beat any local, written
quote on kilns and equipment.
Just bring us the paperwork and we'll go to work for you.

Click on the links in this section to see new products.





We have a good sampling of AMACO decorating products in stock for you.
The biggest seller by far is the line of Velvet Underglazes.
Velvets semi-translucent underglazes have the appearance of velvet when left unglazed or, they'll intensify
in color when covered with a Clear Transparent or Gloss glaze. Come see the other AMACO
products that we stock.

WE DO. We have wonderful shapes from Mayco & Duncan. There are so many
fabulous designs it's hard to have a favorite. Come in and check out the great choices of ware that
we're stocking. It's here and ready for you to paint!
By combining these two companies we're able to satisfy the needs of many. Each one of the manufacturers
have some beautiful, unique designs. We think you're going to like them! You can click here
to see Duncan's pieces, Click here to see Mayco's designs.

Duncan is also so confident in their bisque production improvements that they will
guarantee no shivering will occur on your pieces, irrespective of the brand of glaze being
used, or your money back. Duncan Oh Four Bisque is the only line of bisque in the
industry with a "No Shivering" policy.
Subject to Duncan laboratory analysis and validation.
All refunds will be processed at your sales price with proper documentation.

MARJON CERAMICS will meet or beat any local, written
quote on kilns and equipment.
Just bring us the paperwork and we'll go to work for you.

has been updated! The new and improved
has hundreds of projects including patterns
and materials lists; specific categories for any type of ceramics
businesses from hobbyists to educators to contemporary studios to
manufacturers, and more. There's also a chat room. Check it out!

Is also a fabulous resource! It shows all of their products and is full of ideas
on what you can create with them. You'll even find lessson plans! Find them here

Due to escalating costs, unannounced price increases have become the norm.
We do not take this action arbitrarily, nor do we take it lightly.
We continually strive to deliver the best products at the best prices.
Sometimes the increases come so fast and furious that it's difficult to keep our
on-line catalog up to date. Please call for any pricing that you're unsure of.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we appreciate your understanding.

MARJON CERAMICS is dedicated to supporting a method of distribution
which supplies both the products and the support that enable the consumer
to be successful with those products. In this fast paced age of
communication and internet usage we all need to evaluate our priorities
when making our buying decisions. What is necessary to make you
successful with your ceramics? Do you want the convenience of having
a store in your ctiy (or state for that matter) that will not only
provide you with product but is a source of expert information?
Your local merchant may also hold classes or seminars that are a
major part of the learning process. At the same time providing you
with a meeting room/classroom that is a place not only to learn but
to enjoy contact with others who enjoy what you enjoy! The fact is, the
storefront where you shop is only there because of you and your visits.
It's easy to surmise that if you don't trade at that store, they may not be
able to meet their overhead and won't be there next time you want to run
over and pick something up!
YOU are the most important part of any business.
All successful business owners know this. Without YOU the independent business
operators and their stores are gone.
All of us at Marjon's appreciate your patronage!

Do you teach in your home, studio or storefront? Do you have need
for materials to resell? We have several ways that you may qualify for
quantity discounts. Please let us know what your needs are. We may
be able to save you a substantial amount of money. Marjon's has been
servicing ceramic and craft needs for over 50 years and we'd like to be
your source for supplies and equipment.

MARJON CERAMICS will meet or beat any local, written
quote on kilns and equipment.
Just bring us the paperwork and we'll go to work for you.


Have you ever considered having a ceramic studio in your home?
Many businesses begin in peoples' garages or basements. It's an ideal
way to supplement your income without having to leave home! We have
expert advisers available for consultations.
Please contact us for further information.

While it's great to see you here shopping and picking up new ideas,
we realize that sometimes you can't take time out of your busy day to
run after supplies. We will bring your order to you! A $250.00 order
will get you FREE delivery (exceptions are clay, slip, molds, bisque and other
bulky merchandise). Our truck goes to a different area of the valley daily,
just give us 48 hours and we'll have it ready. We use UPS for smaller
orders and, to outlying areas. And yes, we will be happy to bring your heavier items.
Just ask for the details when placing your order.


            Nancy Whyte & her husband with Ron Kieling from Skutt kilns

Other winners include: 

Cheryl Phipps (Open House 2003 Skutt Kiln)Jo Ann Growe (2003 Clay Olympics Skutt Kiln), Sheri Purple (2003 Clay Olympics Brent Wheel) Kelli Frederickson (2004 Open House Skutt Kiln), Carol Benton (2004 Clay Olympics Skutt Kiln),
Debra Dollarhide (2005 Open House
Skutt Kiln), Laura Fraedrich (2005 Clay Olympics Skutt Kiln),
Sherri Karimi(2006 Open House
Skutt Kiln), Debbie Plum (2006 Clay Olympics Skutt Kiln),
Gerry Brown (2007 Open House
Skutt Kiln), Duncan Tweed (2007 Clay Olympics Skutt Kiln)
Luis Biaz (2008 Open House
Skutt Kiln), Matthew Connelly (2008 Clay Olympics Skutt Kiln),
Bobbie Thompson (2009 Open House Skutt Kiln),Dulce Ramirez (2009 Clay Olympics Skutt Kiln),
Gerard (Rod) Keller(2010 Open House Skutt Kiln), Alice Eike (2010 Clay Olympics Skutt Kiln), Annette Parson(2010 Clay Olympics Laguna Ware Cart) Scarlett Hatcher(2011 Open House Skutt Kiln), Carla Nadzieja (2011 Clay Olympics Skutt Kiln) Mike jackson (2011 Clay Olympics Pacifica Wheel) Nancy whyte(2012 Open House Skutt Kiln) Nathan and Tarin Lunt (2012 Clay Olympics Skutt Kiln)
Susan Causey (Open House 2013 Skutt Kiln) Carrie Hilton (Clay Olympics 2013 Skutt Kiln)