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Arizona School of Fired Arts


            3434 W. EARLL DR. PHOENIX, AZ 85017
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                   426 W. ALTURAS TUCSON, AZ 85705
PHONE (520) 624-2872   FAX (520) 624-3127


It began in 1949, when Marj Hadley Brooks started attending ceramic classes. Her husband Jon Hadley supported and encouraged her new hobby.
He soon converted a "model T" garage into a workroom and the entire family began to participate in ceramics. Marj's talent as a ceramic artist brought her
to the attention of a glaze manufacturer who contracted with her to create new techniques for their products and produce their finished samples. They soon
offered her a chance to be a sales representative for their company. In 1952 this interest became a new business and needed a name so the two of them
decided on combining their names, Marj and Jon, and came up with Marjon Ceramics.

The next step was a move to an old farm house that would serve as a studio and residence in central Phoenix. Setting money aside each week,
they saved to purchase property in a commercial location. This was finally accomplished in 1956.

At this time, their daughter, Carol Richard, became an apprentice learning Marj's artistic skills and Jon's business techniques. Their combined
efforts allowed them to cater to the retail hobby ceramic trade while also developing as a wholesale distributor of ceramic supplies.

In 1963, Marj wrote a book that was the first of its kind, and is still the finest source of ceramic information for the hobbyist and teacher. It was
titled the "Beginners Manual for Low-Fire Ceramics" quite a mouthful! The public quickly accepted it and retitled it by several names:
 "Marj's Manual", "The Little Red Book", and "The Ceramic Bible" all came to be terms for the one book that helped so many newcomers and
 teachers in the ceramics hobby, The book is sold world wide and by 1980 had over 100,000 copies in print.

Jon Hadley died in 1965 and Marj brought her daughter Carol into the company as a full partner. During this time of re-direction, the decision
 was made to expand the wholesale business and make it easier for people to own their own studios. Marj became the "teacher's teacher" and
 Carol passed on business information to interested people who wanted to become business owners.

In 1972, another major change was experienced. Marjon Ceramics (which had by then become incorporated) opened a second location in
Tucson, Arizona. With statewide distribution now possible, the growth factor was even greater and the Phoenix facility had to be updated and
enlarged. That brought the decision to move to our current Phoenix location of 3434 West Earll Drive in 1978. Marj had the honor of making the first sale.

Marj died in 1980, but left a fantastic legacy of friends who's lives she has greatly enriched through her love of ceramics.
Carol continues to help the business and the industry grow locally and nationally through available education that is passed along to
business-minded ceramists through her position as C.E.O. of the Company. Marj's grandchildren: Stephen Hieb, Eileen Shepherd
and Elaine Herbert, and great grandchildren: Shannan Vickery, Dean Vickery and Joseph Speissegger work actively in the business
and serve on the Board of Directors. A fifth generation is being schooled in the same family tradition to insure that there will be a
continuation of quality customer service and products.

Marjon Ceramics, Inc., professional consultants for your ceramic needs.