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   Arizona School of Fired Arts


            3434 W. EARLL DR. PHOENIX, AZ 85017
               PHONE (602) 272-6585   FAX (602) 272-1507

                426 W. ALTURAS TUCSON, AZ 85705
PHONE (520) 624-2872   FAX (520) 624-3127

Was a jewel in the desert! Click Here to see who won top pharaoh!

Where's the 11th?? Our web designer is working on it every free moment he has!

Was a major success! Click Here for all the fun!

October 29th was a fun event for all those in attendance.


October 30th was a BIG success and we're sharing memories of the event
here at Marjon's.
Prize results, photos and a video on youtube!

A great day was had by all on Saturday, October 24th 2009. Pictures available.
Dulce Ramirez won a brand new Skutt KS1018 at the close of the event.
Congratulations Dulce!


Shirley Burson, winner of the 2015
  Open House Kiln

Where is Az School of Fired Arts??
It has it's own page now!
Click Here


We now offer our catalog in a digital format! That's right, you can pop
a CD into your computer and plan your order. Let us know if you need a copy.

Please call for the current rates to your site.

MARJON CERAMICS will meet or beat any local, written quote on kilns
and equipment. Just bring us the paperwork and we'll go to work for you.

We use this method of communication for almost all of our announcements
and we need your response to make this happen. More and more
information is being shared via the internet and we'd like to make sure that
you receive it too. Some of the manufacturers give a sneak peek at their
most current products via email. We'd like to share them with you. Provide us
with your email address and we'll do just that! You can email us by clicking
here marjonpx@marjonceramics.com
or contact the Tucson store by clicking here marjontn@marjonceramics.com

MARJON CERAMICS will meet or beat any local, written quote on kilns
and equipment. Just bring us the paperwork and we'll go to work for you.




Now stocking Cafe Cinco and Dixon Clay! Cafe Cinco is a medium coarse clay body. Fires
a warm buff in oxidation and a beautiful medium brown in reduction.
Dixon is the ultimate sculpture body for cone 5. Fires to a rich rust brown in oxidation


Now stocking Black Mountain Clay!  This deep brown/black medium textured cone 10 clay has
become a favorite here in Arizona so we've listened.  No more
waiting for a special order to arrive, it's here for you.

Corelite Cone 10 kiln shelves are available in 10 and 12 sided half and full shelves and in
12x24x1 rectangles. Their structural design and higher mullite content translates to better strength,
more crack resistance and superior sag resistance. Flatter, hollow core shelves means lighter weight
(up to 50% lighter!) & lower firing costs.

Yes, it's in stock because you asked for it!  This white paste is an excellent
mending material for bisque that can be used to bond pieces together or fill up broken cavities. 
It can be colored to match bisque using metal oxides or ceramic stains.  Fire to the
temperature of the clay and glaze that you're using. 
Fires up to cone 10.

Click HERE. to view the beautiful Coyote colors that are available.
Just use the back arrow to return.

Have you tried Duncan's new high fire glazes? They're worth a look.

Clay Art Glazes are a collection of specialty glazes developed for clay artists, studio potters,
and anyone who loves to experiment with clay, glazes and firing processes.

Mayco's Stoneware Glazes
have been formulated for mid-range
and high fire clay bodies. Mayco's commitment to quality assures the
user of consistent and reliable results - both in use and final fired finish.
Stoneware glazes do not run during the firing process -friendly to the
user and the kiln. These cone 5-6 glazes will perform well at cone 9 - 10
in oxidation and reduction firings. All glazes in this line are non-toxic and
food safe.
Stoneware glazes are packaged in wide mouth, squat pint jars.
Stoneware Glazes include 11 colors: Blue Surf, Stoned Denim, Silver Sage, Sisal,
Black Walnut, Frost Blue, Alabaster, Dunes, Green Tea, Capri Blue and Oyster.
*Mayco's Raku Glazes produce a variety of metallic, luster and
crackled finishes. Varying your firing methods, choice of combustible materials,
etc. will produce dramatically different results.
Raku glazes are packaged in 16 oz wide mouth (3" diameter), squat pints. They
can be purchased by the pint (or case of 6). All are all non-toxic formulas.
Raku Glazes include 6 colors: Black Metallic, Copper Metallic, Patina Metallic,
White Crackle, Red and Copper Penny
*Mayco's Crystalline Glaze program creates opalescent crystals with
more consistency, higher probability of growth and with a greater level of control over
the location of crystal development. This system involves the use of three products:
Engobes, Seeding Media and Crystalline Clear. Mayco Crystalline glazes are non-toxic
and food safe.
Engobes and glazes are packaged in wide mouth, squat pint jars.
The Seeding Media is packaged in 4-oz jars.
The Crystalline system includes 7 products - 5 Engobes: Dark Blue, Light Blue, White, Black
and Pink; 1 Seeding Media and; 1 Crystalline Clear glaze

The Gleco Trap is perfect for: schools, universities, art centers, hobbyists, studio potters, labs and more! This
handy clay trap provides you with an economical plumbing trap that is easily installed and maintained. The Gleco
Trap is connected below the sink and collects solids in a bottle, which has a fill line. When the solids reach the
fill line, the trap is drained through a valve, the bottle is exchanged with a replacement bottle, the valve shut and
the trap is back in service. Bottle exchange is rapid and done without the need of tools. Most of all, there is no
mess and no chance of water spillage.
There are two different packages available, you choose the model that will fit under your sink. The larger size
requires 15.5" of clearance from the drain pipe to the floor. The smaller size requires 11.5" of clearance.
Key Benefits of the Gleco Trap

a.      Adapts easily to existing plumbing, wherever there is a p-trap (u-shaped joint).

b.     Smaller bottle means less odors generated in and emitted from the trap.

c.      Clear bottle enables you to see the contents of the trap at any time.

d.     Fill line easily and quickly shows when the trap needs to be serviced.

e.      Drain valve allows for all the water above the bottle to be drained prior to
removal, eliminating spillage.

f.       Replacing the bottle takes less than 2 minutes from start to finish, with no tools,
no risk of spillage, and no risk of coming into contact with the solids contained
within the Gleco Trap.

Come and see us or give us a call. We'll be glad to get you the new

items that you need!

We have a huge selection of beautiful and informative books all on the wonderful subject
of ceramics. Come in for the newest titles that you'll want to add to your library.


In addition to the highest quality new equipment in the industry, we get a
variety of used equipment too. When we take in used equipment and our technicians
go through them replacing worn out or broken parts. When the item has passed inspection
we offer it for sale at an extremely reasonable price.
Come by and check this out if you're in the market!


If you've used Marx Magic Mender you know what a terrific job it does.
Now you can get the same quality mender in a high fire product.
Marx High Fire Mender is formulated to be mixed with your own slip or clay.
This way it's the same color as the piece you're working on and, it fires at
the same temperature! We know you're going to like it.

MARJON CERAMICS will meet or beat any local, written quote on kilns
and equipment. Just bring us the paperwork and we'll go to work for you.


MARJON CERAMICS is dedicated to supporting a method
of distribution which supplies both the products and the support
that enable the consumer to be successful with those products.
In this fast paced age of communication and internet usage we all
need to evaluate our priorities when making our buying
decisions. What is necessary to make you successful with your
ceramics? Do you want the convenience of having a store in your
city (or state for that matter) that will not only provide you
with product but is a source of expert information? Your local
merchant may also hold classes or seminars that are a major part
of the learning process. At the same time providing you with
a meeting room/classroom that is a place not only to learn but to
enjoy contact with others who enjoy what you enjoy! The fact is,
the storefront where you shop is only there because of you and
your visits. It's easy to surmise that if you don't trade at that store,
they it may not be there next time you want to run over and pick something up!
YOU are the most important part of any business.
All successful business owners know this. Without YOU the independent
business operators and their stores are gone!

What Would You Like?

We all see things from time to time that we'd like to add to our selection
Marjon's is working hard to be the kind of distributor that you need to
help you be profitable business people. Discounts aren't the only way
to make you profit! We schedule orders frequently and keep inventory
levels high enough that you don't experience stock outs. (Summer
ordering is less frequent.) There are of course those exceptions to the
rule that no one can predict. Don't get caught without product to sell.
Review your best sellers for the upcoming season and make a commitment
to stock heavier in those supplies.

Let us deliver your merchandise while it's great to see you here shopping
and picking up new ideas, we realize that sometimes you can't take time
out of your busy day to run after supplies. We will bring your order to you!
A $250.00 order will get you FREE delivery (exceptions are clay, slip, molds,
bisque and other bulky merchandise). Our truck goes to a different area of
the valley daily, just give us 48 hours and we'll have it ready. We use UPS for
smaller orders and, to outlying areas.

SERVICE WITH A SMILE Please allow us to service you the best way possible.
Call, fax and email orders 24 - 48 hours prior to picking them up. We like happy
customers and will have your order ready for you when you get here.
If time has gotten away from you during your busy schedule and you just
can't allow 24 hours, bring your shopping list and be prepared to take
advantage of our beautiful self service show room. If you have materials
that will have to be pulled & staged from our warehouse, bring a book
and relax while we get your order pulled.

*Commonly asked firing question       

*Working together or alone