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"Empty Bowls is a grassroots movement by artists and crafts
people in cities and towns around the world to care for and feed
the hungry in their communities. 

Empty Bowls supports food-related charitable organizations around
the world, and has raised millions of dollars to help end hunger."


Dear Valued Customer,

        We are very excited about helping to benefit our community through ceramics.  There are many requests for donations each year and, unfortunately, our budget it limited. Long ago, we made the decision to commit to the Empty Bowls charity as we felt this is where our resources can be best spent. It is imperative that the exposure we receive during these events is acknowledged by the community in order to justify the expenditures. The cost of all Empty Bowls clay donations is shared by Marjon Ceramics, Inc. and Laguna Clay Co. Our goal is to include your events in any social media outlets available; this way all organizations involved may be strengthened by positive public exposure. 
        In order for Marjon Ceramics, Inc. and Laguna Clay Co. to evaluate your donation request, please complete both the (1) Laguna Clay Company Donation Request form and the (2) Marjon Ceramics, Inc. Clay Donation Request form. Note that Laguna requires a minimum of 60 days to process donation requests. Completing this form in a timely manner will enable us to determine how we can support you in this endeavor. The information that you provide will also allow us to promote your event(s). We will notify you as soon as we've received determination from Laguna.

        Please email donation request forms as well as any additionally requested documents to the following addresses.



                                                   Respectfully Yours,
                                                                                         Jayne Michael
                                                                                         Empty Bowls Coordinator
                                                                                         Marjon Ceramics, Inc. 


Marjon Ceramics: Donation Request Form

Laguna Clay Company: Donation Request Form