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A Models: The A models are square, top loading manual kilns. The A series are great for the beginner.




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B Models: These kilns are polygon, top loading manually controlled.  The B model kilns offered today are equipped with Kiln-Sitterâ timers.  Many years ago Kiln-Sittersâ and Kiln-Sitterâ timers were optional on these units.  On the B models, the Cress Clean Air System (fan) pre-wiring is only available on certain sizes at an additional cost.



C Models:      These kilns are square top loading or front loading kilns with gray sheet steel outer skins.  They range widely in size from the small, C1006 (.32 cubic feet), to the very large, C30FH (10 cubic feet).  The kilns are usually manually controlled (see description above of the B model kilns) but are also offered with electronic controls or with the Firemateâ control system.




E Models:       These kilns are polygon, top loading electronically controlled.  The user may select the preprogrammed cone firings from 022 to Cone 10 or create his or her own firing profile using the ramp-hold mode.  The E models are manufactured Cress Clean Air System (fan) ready.





FX or Firemateâ Models:    These kilns are polygon, top loading and have an infinite switch as their main power control.  They are also equipped with a special circuit that automatically turns up the power during the course of the firing.  The FX models are standard Cress Clean Air System (fan) ready or are available non-fan ready.





Fuser Models:  The Fuser models are polygon, top loading manual kilns.  Primarily used for the fusing and slumping of glass.  The Fuser models can be manufactured to use the Cress Clean Air System (fan) upon request for an additional charge.




Front Loading These kilns are constructed of  angle frame sheet metal outer skin, these units can be purchased with a manual controls (C30FH), firemate (FXC30FH), or with electronic controls



Our kilns will provide you with years of service for your creativity.

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