18 AND UNDER BIGGEST AND BEST WINNERS                                             55 & PLUS BIGGEST AND BEST WINNERS
1ST PLACE ROBERT DUNKINSON                                                                1ST PLACE SILVIA PINTO
2ND PLACE BRIAN DEVINE                                                                           2ND PLACE DON FETHKENTER
3RD PLACE JORDAN LLEWELLYN                                                              3RD PLACE SHEILA CAVANAUGH

                  AMATEUR TALLEST WINNERS                                                           AMATEUR WIDEST WINNERS
1ST PLACE VANESSA MOORE                                                                  1ST PLACE VANESSA MOORE
2ND PLACE FRANK EAGER                                                                       2ND PLACE RAY MEDHUS
3RD PLACE GREG CLARK                                                                         3RD PLACE SHEILA CAVANAGH

                 EXTRUSION SCULPTING WINNERS                                                          PRO-AM RODEO WINNERS
1ST PLACE VANESSA MOORE                                                              1ST PLACE DANNY HOY & KATIE MORALES(not pictured)
2ND PLACE GINNY LENOIR                                                                  2ND PLACE PETER FLYNN& RAY MEDHUS
3RD PLACE LUNA PATTERSON                                                            3RD PLACE MUSETTE YOUNG & SILVIA PINTO

                           PRO BIGGEST AND BEST                                                                        PRO WIDEST WINNERS
1ST PLACE DANNY HOY                                                                              1ST PLACE DAVID BRADLEY
2ND PLACE DAVID BRADLEY                                                                    2ND PLACE JIM CALHOUN
3RD PLACE PETER FLYNN                                                                          3RD PLACE DANNY HOY

              SECTIONAL THROWING WINNERS                                                  TEACHERS BIGGEST AND BEST WINNERS
1ST PLACE DAVID BRADLEY                                                               1ST PLACE FRANK EAGER (SUNRISE MOUNTAIN HIGH SCHOOL)
2ND PLACE JIM CALHOUN                                                                   2ND PLACE RAY MEDHUS (NOTRE DAME PREP. HIGH SCHOOL)        
3RD PLACE PETER FLYNN                                                                    3RD PLACE SANDY KUSISKI (IRONWOOD HIGHSCHOOL)